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You are welcome to the webpage of Riga Jugla Secondary school. Here you will find a quick introduction to:

-       Our history;

-       Our values today;

-       Our future vision.

Riga Jugla Secondary School was founded on 1 September 1967. It was then called Riga Secondary School No. 39. Mrs  Irēna Bitlere was the first School Principal. There were 1369 pupils and 55 teachers studying and working in 2 shifts and 2 language streams (Latvian and Russian) at that time. In 1970 the school became a single stream (Latvian language) school.

In 1977 the school was named after Kurt Barthel, the German writer.

In 1984 in-depth German teaching classes were started at the school. Ties of friendship and collaboration with the Rostock Secondary School No. 23 and the Kurt Barthel’s Secondary School of Binz (both cities are in Germany) were formed one year later.

Year 1989 was very rich in events:

-          Our school was involved in a UNESCO’s school project;

-          In-depth English teaching classes were started;

-          Ties of friendship and collaboration were formed with the Gymnasium of Sonthofen in Germany;

-          Ties of friendship and collaboration were formed with the Gymnasium of Alavus in Finland;

-          Ties of friendship and collaboration were formed with the Gymnasium of Hellerup in Copenhagen, Denmark;

-          2 guest lecturers – Mrs Leena Peuhonen from Finland and Mr James Saley from the USA – started working at the school.

In 1991 the school was renamed the Gymnasium of Jugla. The pupils were offered the option of choosing between exact sciences and humanitarian studies.

In 1992 the first and second forms of pupils started their studies in a separate building at 27A Juglas Street.

In 1993 ties of friendship and collaboration were formed with the Leonhard’s Gymnasium in Basel Switzerland; ties of friendship and collaboration were also formed with the Käte-Lassen Gymnasium in Flensburg, Germany.

As of 1999 pupils can obtain the DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) Diploma in the German language.

In 2001 the school was renamed Riga Jugla Secondary school, and Mrs Aija Melle has been working as the School Principal since then. 

In 2002 ties of friendship and collaboration were formed with the Tamme Gymnasium in Tartu, Estonia.

Lately Riga Jugla Secondary school has been providing education starting from the pre-school age at the kindergarten (from 3 to 6/7 years old), as the primary school (1st – 4th form) and the elementary school (5th – 9th form) as well as the secondary school (10th to 12th form).

In Year 2014/2015 there were 114 pupils (90 children were attending the kindergarten groups), 95 school teachers and 60 employees of the technical staff. In Year 2015/2016 there are 1167 pupils.

Riga Jugla Secondary school takes part in different educational initiatives, e.g. interdisciplinary learning, the Franklin Covey programme ‘Leader in me’ (‘7 habits of highly effective people’), participates in a teacher exchange programme with other schools etc.

Today Riga Jugla Secondary school participates in different international projects (Comenius); various activities are organized during the Project Week; there is a variety of options for the pupils to participate in after-school activities (there is a choir, theatre, ceramics classes, sports classes, etc.). Time after time school teachers take the initiative to organize educational lessons for pupils’ parents (e.g. beading lessons, knitting lessons, gymnastics).

We are open to different public initiatives supporting the educational needs of our pupils.

Our current values are:

-          Creativity;

-          Initiative;

-          Co-responsibility

Our school’s mission is the development of a harmonic personality. Our aim is to promote this development in four dimensions:

-          Physical (contributing to a healthy lifestyle);

-          Mental (promoting skills and abilities);

-          Socio-emotional (promotion of determination, empathy and creativity);

-          Spiritual (promotion of values)

Our future vision

Our school is characterized by:

Creativity, development, a supporting and safe environment.

Our pupils are:

Creative, determined, responsible, curious and with a positive attitude.

Our teachers are:

Emotionally intelligent, modern, up-to-date; trusting themselves and committed to their work.

The parents of our pupils are:

Co-responsible, loyal and co-operative. 


For contacts please use:


+ 371 67533669

+ 371 67533664

Information prepared by

Solveiga Akmentina and Kristine Samofala